About Me

Hello, and welcome to The Guidebook! The Guidebook is a travel blog dedicated to the incredible places I visit and find around the world.  Traveling is a HUGE passion of mine, and I have a major place in my heart for adventuring and finding hidden treasures.  Every time I start preparing for a trip, I find that there’s never one solid place that tells me the best places to go, what to pack, things you must do, things to avoid…  This blog is dedicated to every amazing place I find around the world, along with the places I want to go to and everything in between.  What to wear when you travel somewhere, travel playlists, apps I play on the Subway and everything in between will also be included.  It’s my goal to build the most complete and essential travel blog that you’ll ever need!

I believe that no matter where you are there is something to do or see.  Every place in the world is worth experiencing, and I want to share with you those places.  Whether you’re going to Austin, London, NYC, Oshkosh, or Columbia, there is something interesting.  It’s my goal to find those interesting, hidden gems and share them with the world!  Constantly people are telling me that I find or go to unique places, and I felt like it was about time that more than just my friends got to learn about where I go!

Each post will be in a category making it easier for you to find, along with a search bar if you are going somewhere specific!  Entertainment is where you can find posts relating to museums, sports games, concerts, clubs, or just generally entertaining place you could imagine!  Fashion is dedicated to all my favorite stores around the world, outfit inspiration for packing, or any other fashion posts.  Food/drink is pretty self-explanatory, containing all posts relating to my favorite two things: eating and drinking.  Itineraries/guides will have any city itinerary or guide I’ve made.  Unsure how to ride the Subway or need to know what to pack for a music festival?  I can help you!  Outdoor has all the posts that have places in an outdoor setting!  Stay is any fun Airbnb’s, hotels, or hostels.  Travel will have any post that doesn’t fit easily into any other category such as what’s in my carry on bag or travel playlists!   Planning on going to Austin for a girls trip? I got you covered with an itinerary, and I even have a playlist you can listen to on the drive down!


So hey, I’m Megan, the face being The Guidebook!  I always knew I loved traveling, but it wasn’t until I studied abroad in Spain the summer before my senior year of high school that I really knew HOW much I loved to travel.  That trip I made to Spain sparked that passion, and I’ve been crazy passionate about traveling and adventures.  I can’t wait to get to know everyone, and for all my readers to get to know me!  It’s gonna be one hell of a ride!