Hiking Above the Clouds

haleakalā maui

Place: Haleakalā National Park

Where: Maui, Hawaii

Address: Haleakalā National Park, Hawaii

Keeping on trend with the Hawaii posts, I thought I would add one more for you guys! My day was crazy, and I only got to sit down to write now, but the rest of this week the posts will be coming at you at a more normal time!

While I was in Maui last summer with my family, we spent a lot of time outdoors exploring the island.  What I loved most about the island was just how full of color and life it was, everywhere you were was just another beautiful view.  The time we had at Haleakalā National Park was no exception.  The park is essentially a dormant volcano, and it’s up so high on the island, you find yourself above the clouds.

haleakalā maui

What’s fantastic about this National Park are there are so many different ways to experience it.  Not only could you drive up the volcano and see views from your car like the one below, but there’s hiking trails, options to bike down the volcano in a tour group, and even a chance to be at the top of the volcano to watch the sunrise.

maui volcano hike

Since this volcano is the highest point in all of Maui, it can get very cold.  Like very windy and cold.  We went in June and it was about 85-90 Fahrenheit down at normal elevation, but once we got into the park and up in the mountain, the temperature quickly became about 30-35.  You will definitely need a jacket if you want to stay warm while taking the beauty in!

haleakalā maui

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