The Most Insta Worthy NYC Wine Bar

nyc trendy wine bar

Place: NoMo SOHO

Where: NYC, New York

Address: 9 Crosby St

During Spring Break I went to NYC with one of my best friends and had a fantastic time.  The experience getting there, however, was not so great.  On our way to the airport, we hit traffic from an accident and ended up arriving at the airport about 40 minutes before our flight was going to take off.  We literally booked it all the way through the place and managed to just barely make it on our flight.  It was so stressful that by the time we landed, we just needed a drink.

NoMo was on our list of places to go after a friend had recommended it to me, but it quickly became the first place we went to for a glass of wine and some pizza.

I MEAN.  Look how beautiful this place is!  Also look at how pretty my friend is!  Seriously I could have spent just hours in there eating and taking pictures all over the place.   We got the margarita pizza, and I’ve never scarfed a pizza down my mouth quicker.  It was the perfect start to our week in NYC, and the waiter for our table even gave us free shots to welcome us to the city!

nyc trendy wine bar

This was one of the places on my travel bucket list, and I’ll be returning the next time I’m in the city for sure.

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