The Most Beautiful Brunch in Austin

Place: Hillside Farmacy

Where: Austin, TX

Address: 1209 E 11th St

hillside farmacy austin texas

Walking up to my new favorite brunch spot in Austin, I instantly fell in love.  I mean, even the front door is adorable.  Since we didn’t have dinner the night before because of our accidental nap, we were starving by the time breakfast rolled around.  As soon as we walked into the place, I fell in love.  If I lived in Austin, I would be eating here every weekend.

stylish austin brunch

Besides serving fantastic brunch, Hillside Farmacy also is known for their excellent cocktails and their oyster bar.  Everything about this place was aesthetically pleasing from the marble countertops, the emerald booths, and playful decor.

beautiful austin brunch

I mean they even play with the fun they made: Farmacy/Pharmacy?  I thought it was such a fun way to decorate the place. Plus, it was fun to look at all the interesting old fashioned bottles in the cabinets while waiting for our food.

beautiful spot for brunch in austin with drool-worthy food

the prettiest spot for brunch in austin

What tipped the scales for me was the food. We spent about 20 minutes just looking over all we could get, and I couldn’t have been happier with my decision. The challah bread was perfectly toasted. I mean buttery and crispy perfectly toasted. After getting our food, the waiters brought out hot sauces that were addicting. I, of course, opted for the spicier of the two and I just slowly added more and more to my sandwich. The hot sauce was made with habaneros, so of course, by the end of the meal my mouth was on fire, but it was well worth it.

amazing brunch in austin

Reagan deemed her eggs “perfectly cooked.” Honestly, she wasn’t wrong. As soon as she cut into her meal, the yolk started running out. She managed to eat the whole thing, with me following shortly behind her.

the perfect fried eggs in austin

If you’re looking for an adorable spot to get brunch over the weekend, especially if you’re into posting pics of your food to insta, Hillside Farmacy is the spot for you. The menu will make your stomach growl, and leave you debating over what to get with friends. Don’t worry because you won’t be disappointed, Happy Brunching!!

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