Our Austin Airbnb

the best airbnb in austin texas

This summer I will be going to be interning in London and having been browsing Airbnb looking at places to stay in Europe while I explore the continent. This Airbnb was the entire reason we planned our trip to Austin.  While scrolling through cities I could visit I stumbled across this AMAZING cottage and fell in love.  I texted the pictures to my friend and by the next day, we had booked a trip to Austin!

the best austin airbnb

This airbnb is an adorable cottage built in the backyard of the homeowner and gives the perfect little home away from home in the middle of Austin.  Marcella, who owns both this cottage and this equally adorable Airstream trailer (which is the most popular airbnb in Texas!) is a foster mom who created the airbnb’s to spend more time at home  In her backyard you will also find her small family of animals including a duck, a pig, chickens, goats, a dog and two cats.  If you’re an animal lover, you will spend the entire trip in heaven because of all the animals around!  The cats will come up and great you, and will instantly crawl into your lap or bed looking for cuddles.

this airbnb in austin comes with animal friendsthe best airbnb in texasthe best airbnb in texas

The best part about the cottage though was the bed.

the most amazing airbnb in austin

I have never slept in a comfier bed in my life, I’m not even kidding.  As soon as I dropped into the bed, I felt myself sink in, and instantly want to nap.  It was perfectly cozy, and the for the entire trip we kept saying how we could easily just move into the place.

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