S’mores and Wine Night

smores night in austin texas

Place: Halcyon

Where: Austin, TX

Address: 218 W 4th St

During the first night in Austin, Reagan and I decided to hit up Halcyon which is a laid-back coffeehouse/bar.  The attractive lounge offers a variety of seating options from comfy couches, secluded booths in a corner, a bar, and various sized tables.  All around you see people deep into conversations, involved with their work, or enjoying games with friends.  What was intended to be a quick dessert to end the night stretched into a three-hour event of s’mores, drinking, and play board games.

Halcyon offers games such as checkers, chess, or Uno for its customers to play while spending time in their lounge, and the games are in constant high demand.

make your own smores in austin

The s’mores offered on the dessert menu is in high popularity, and it isn’t rare to see a few tables enjoying their creations.  The waiter brings out the tray, and you get all the equipment needed, including a mini fire.

smooth operator cocktailsmores cocktail

My two favorite drinks were the smooth operator and the s’mores cocktail.  The smooth operator was created with coconut whiskey and vanilla ice cream creating the perfect adult milkshake.  While drinking it the phrase “it’s so good you could easily have 10” came to mind.  The s’mores cocktail tasted just as you would imagine.  The toasted marshmallow tops the drink and pulls all the flavors together.  If you’re looking for s’mores, but don’t want to eat them, this is your drink!

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